Monday, December 29, 2014 all

The last week and yes, I mean the entire week was utterly, fantastically, deliciously amazing.  Everything was wonderful.  It was a flurry of activities from peeling to serving, breading to frying, and whipping heaps of heavy cream.  There where a few mishaps and missteps,  some spills, burns, even splatter but I would not trade places with anyone.  Ever.  We kept our tradition alive and that is how it should be.

We started the grocery shopping on late Saturday afternoon on the 20th, on Sunday we went for the pork neck bones for the gravy.  As soon as we came home I started to make the stock that would become the gravy.   The preceding Monday I had ordered some of  the "pork-tastic" yummies and they needed to be picked up.  Monday morning was spent in three different markets.  Then Tuesday another three groceries.  When all was said and done, we had everything for our most wonderful Holiday.

I roasted the pecans for the baked brie.  I really like brie when it is baked, but when you add jam and nuts, well now that is just heavenly.

 Then the gravy making began.....
 I started by roasting the neck bones and veggies.

Then it was all in the pool.  That pool is 26 quarts of happiness.

Pork cutlets where made from the tenderloins.  Andrew sliced and then pounded them while I made the marinade that they would swim in for 2 days.  They were fried Christmas Day in a combination of duck fat, pork fat, and a little vegetable oil.

When the broth was finished, I needed to start to make gravy for the Medisterpølse.  I started by taking some of the broth and reducing it.  I browned the sausage, removed them from the pot, I added flour, scraped up the little bits of greatness, added the reduced stock, then added the Medisterpølse back, and cooked the sausage til they almost split open in the gravy.

Next was my favorite of favorites.....Frikadeller.  

For Christmas Eve dinner we served the fantastic veggies, and the deboned fresh ham.  The crispy skin was most awesome, truly.  I am going to go see the butcher to tell him that he did a fantastic job.  This was the fourth year we purchased both the fresh ham and the prime rib.  Yes, I forgot to take a picture of that too....

Andrew put a wonderful crust of seasoning on the prime rib.  We used the probe thermometer for both roasts to ensure that both pieces of meat where cooked to the perfect temperature.

We made my favorite dessert.  We are mixed in our opinion of which fruit goes best, cherry, strawberry, or raspberry.  I say cherry.  I am sorry to say that both times I made it, yes, both.  I made it for Christmas Eve and we finished the first batch on Christmas Day.  On Saturday I made batch number 2 and still did not take a picture of the second completed dessert.  Oh well.......Dessert followed every meal, we had cookies, cakes, and marzipan.

Finally my order was delivered from Nespresso, so we all had......

My Mom gifted me with this most beautiful cup, so I enjoyed my morning coffee.

I am truly blessed.