Tuesday, July 22, 2014

getting dusty.....

The BlueStar is on hiatus.  I have not been seen at the stove now for 6 days, I think that is the longest I have gone on without cooking since we bought it.  It is perfectly fine with me.  I did bring with us a couple of freezer containers of sauce for our dining pleasure.  We served the sauce over tortellinis and a 1/2 loaf of "kiddie" bread.  "Italian or French" bread that is purchased at the supermarket outside of the five boroughs is considered, by us, to be only fit for kids' consumption.  Sometimes it is the only bread that you can get, so you have to suffer.  But kiddie bread can be enhanced if you have good butter, and there is nothing better than bread and butter.

On this Maine holiday my quest is to have the quintessential "Maine Lobster Roll".  This is a task that I take on with great enthusiasm.  We have had three so far.  We lunched Bob''s Clam Hut in Kittery.   That lobster roll was awesome.  The Clam Chowder was delicious also, as was the clam strips.  All in all, everything they served was pretty awesome.  Next we had a lobster roll at the Brookside Diner in Smyrna.  Their lobster roll was ok, just ok.  I thought it had a little too much mayo and the bun could have been toasted, although their fries, both sweet and regular were nice.  The best thing that we had there was the new potatoes with peas.  I said that it was a good thing we don't live here cause I would be eating them all time. Then we had a lobster roll from Craig's Clam Shop in Patten.  Now their lobster roll was fantastic, it was up there with Bob's, no doubt about it.  It was amazing.  Now I am really glad we don't live here.

I have been tossing around in my head that when we get home maybe we can start trying to make them.  Then I think of the buckets of cash, and I rethink that.  We have been poking around with the idea of getting a pizza stone and trying our hand at pizza making.  I love, love, love pizza.  Last night we sat around discussing the best pizza we have ever eaten.  I can't really say which was my favorite, but I will say that hands down the best pizza I have ever eaten has come from Brooklyn.  No doubt about it.  Sal's on Broome Street, NYC was also pretty amazing.  They had the best fried calzones imaginable, and they made mini-pizza.  I am not craving one now because all my culinary senses are focusing on lobster rolls.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

butcher, baker, & candlestick-maker

I opened the freezer drawer and there was not enough room, truly shocking, I know.  The decision was made for me, dinner was right there at my fingertips.  I would have to take it out, to put the Ice Cream in.  It was a win-win, necessary room made, dinner planned.  I had Sunday Dinner planned on Friday.  I am spoiled rotten and I am completely fine with that, Andrew enjoys cutting up the meat, poultry, fish into the size pieces that I need for whatever it is that will be prepared and enjoyed.  We sort out the portion sizes, mark and date them, then put it into the freezer.  Our meal plans are a joint effort.  No more wrinkled noses.  It works out wonderfully.

On the freezer container written on tape was the contents, about 4 good size servings of sliced chicken breast, my only major hurdle was deciding on whether I should make some sort of curry, maybe a stir fry, which I have yet to master, or try my hand yet again on Pad Thai.  Curry seemed the logical choice, mainly because I had on hand everything I needed.  I really like Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp, and tofu.  Two of which I did not have nor did I have any bean sprouts. 

I needed to go to the grocery for lunch meat and bread.  Andrew was mesmerized by the beautiful shrimp that were on special, and then it popped out of my mouth, Shrimp, chicken and potatoes in Masaman Curry......there it was, I made the commitment and had to follow through.  It was not hard because we both really, really enjoy Masaman Curry. 

While I got all the ingredients together and Andrew worked his magic with the shrimp.

Most of the time spend making Thai food I think is in the preparation, it only takes a few minutes to cook everything.

 We were ready in short order.

Andrew and I were discussing and trying to explain the taste of the curry dishes, trying to compare the taste, and we could not.  Neither one of us had grown up ever eating something similar.  I have only been making Thai cuisine for about 4 years, wow where has the time gone?  The kids don't like it and my Mom & Dad don't particularly care for it, although my Dad will eat curry if you put it in front of him.  The last time I made Pad Thai my Mom did enjoy that.   We have decided that Mor would have really enjoyed it all.  She was far more open to different cuisines.

All in all life is good.....very good

and yes, as always, he is perfect to me.