Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wonderful Depths: flavor & intimacy

Not far from here, down in Bordentown is Mastoris' Diner.  It has a special lure, it is "cheesy bread".  No matter day or night, holiday or nothing you were served cheesy bread.  You perused the like 35 page menu, that one needed a magnifying glass, yeah that many choices, and ate the bread.  I never got anything that was not great.  On most occasions I ordered Shrimp Malfada or a California Burger, they were both my idea of yumminess.....  Good times... Very good times.

No matter how delicious burgers are out, there is something magical about having them made by us together at our house. 

And makes the best stuffed Artichokes....

Wusthof & Rosle are two of our favorite brands of kitchen tools.

I often think about it.  It is about a bond that you create and nurture always evolving: waxing & then waning.  Sometimes all else falls by the wayside, you forget, you loose, and the only way back is the past, to remember what it was before, it was before it went away.   I look back to the small easy days that were and know that I will make the stew with deep unctuous taste that comes from then to now because it is for you and me.