Thursday, September 1, 2016

doing summer things

The summer is the  perfect time to do outside things.  So early morning Farmers' markets, outdoor flea markets, and open Amish markets have been our weekly thing.  We make sure that we are home by late morning or early afternoon.  I have been trying new recipes, this I am sorry to say has meant that I've been less than stellar in photo taking.  I always start by grabbing the camera to make sure: battery is full, space on the Memory Stick/Card, and that is as far as I get.  Our vegetable and flower garden hasn't been photoed either, so yeah, I've been slacking.....

I did take some, so here they are:

These are from our garden planters, these tomatoes are doing wonderfully.  The tomato plants that are in the ground are doing just as well.  The herbs are growing like weeds.
The container tomatoes gave us fruit long before the ones in the ground
The Figs have landed.....I wish I could eat them, if I walk by them I have to run to....they really do run through me.  I made jam and gave it to Glenette.  She could not go to work the following day.
The Amish market is just amazing, the bacon is simply the best I have ever had.  It surpasses the bacon from the smokehouse in Warrensburg, NY.  I really love bacon.
My summer side dish is German Potato Salad.  I can't even begin to say how many times I have made it.  What makes it over-the-top is the bacon.  I like to bake the bacon, I think it cooks more evenly.  I strain the butter through a fine mesh strainer with a coffee filter.  The butter has to be golden and clear.  The onions have to be sauteed in the bacon.

No, Virginia, that is not too many onions......

I could really have some right now
Another great summer side, little baby taters & fresh corn boiled together with a smidge of butter, firewood smoked salt, pepper.  Simple and delicious.....
simple & delicious

Gabriella has requested Salmon twice a week, we have tried all different kinds of Salmon and have yet to make decision on which one is the best.  One thing I will say is that it has to be Wild Caught.
The meat is so clean tasting and each type has a different taste.  I was able to show my Mom the color difference between farm raised and wild caught.  No more farm raised for them anymore.

How beautiful are they
We have had many grilled burgers, hot dogs, pork chops, chicken thighs, and of course, steak....

But every other week I have made Pulled Pork, that is wanted by all.  I just love it.  Andrew takes off the non-essential fat, dries it totally, rubs it with his secret rub, then we wrap it up for a few days so that the rub permeates the meat.  When we are ready to make it, we sear it on all sides, lay it on a bed of slightly sauteed Vidalia Onions and Jack.  I have been using the probe thermometer to make sure the meat comes up to 195F.  I have had the meat stall on me at 185F twice and it took 3 hours to break the stall to get to the 195F.
This is a beauty

rubbed with the super secret rub
Vadalia Onions

pulling perfectly

stalled again 187 after 10 hours & finally at the 13 hour we got to 193
Yes I triple filtered the delicious juice
yeah, it was all that

Summer is almost over, time to think about the Fall......

Happy Birthday A & M