Friday, September 26, 2014

maybe pie?

The bumper crop continues....

I think we should grill a few too...

Friday, September 19, 2014

roll out that delicious footage

I love Duke Bush, the dog from the Bush Bean commercials.  I know that he won't reveal the secret but he just loves to tease Jay Bush.  We went to visit with Duke and Jay.  I have two very bad pictures of me with Duke.  Bush Beans' ad campaign is to show how delicious their product looks and so I have decided that I too would "roll out my delicious food footage".  I am sad to say that sometimes I am not very consistent in my picture taking, I forget to take pictures of the various stages, then half the time I forget to take pictures of the completed dish, but I am truly working on that flaw.  So here is what I have been making.

I made fresh parsley compound butter.  I did not take a picture of it when I wrapped in up in small logs.   I made a pound of it and put it into the freezer to use later.

I browned up the last of the pancetta, no more in the freezer, to make Risotto with Chicken and Peas.

I added the Parsley Butter to it, I liked that, tasted good.  No picture of completed dish.

The delicious tomatoes from the yard.  It is a bumper crop.  We are having lots of tomato everything.

 The next day we got these.

Our tomatoes are added to lunch everyday.

With a little avocado to round out the turkey breast.  All on a pretzel roll, not to shabby...

Fresh herbs and tomatoes for yet another tomato pie, this time I was a bit whimsical with the completed pie.

I think that this pie was the best.

Burgers were served and enjoyed.

We made tomato salad.  Life is good when you mix tomatoes, garlic and purple onions.

I have been playing around with a few other favorites, like this ricotta pie.  I made a crust from amaretti cookies.  It still needs some tweaking.  I did flip it back over onto the crust to serve, I just forgot to take a picture.

I did not add parchment paper to the bottom of the springform pan, so it was terrible to remove.  I thought that because the crumbs had butter and the pan was teflon, they would not stick, hah.  Lesson learned.

I want to try to make my favorite with aborio rice.  This is my favorite dessert.  It has always been my favorite, and Mors too.  I make it every year for Christmas.  It is only for Christmas, but I wanted to try two things, and here is the first.  I know that Mor is ok with me experimenting.  My homage to my Grandmother.....

It was good, very, very good.  Mor would approve.  I still have one more thing I would like to try.  Maybe two.

Last night I made risotto with sausage and broccoli rabe.  I did not take any pictures, it is not that I forgot though, I have to go get a new memory stick for my camera, this one is all full.