Monday, August 24, 2015

Maybe the Peach-Whiskey Chicken too?

The decision on bringing the pulled pork was a no brainer.   Cucumber salad was automatic.  I wish I could make cole slaw that would be worth taking, but alas I can't.  I don't think that Mr. Ron's would make it all the way, we would probably eat most of it before we got there.  I was thinking that we should do at least one other dish, if not two.

Gabriella asked for Peach-Whiskey Chicken and I was more than happy to oblige her.  She did the shopping for this week all by herself this week, I am so proud.  Then she really knocked me for a  loop because she asked for Masaman Curry.  Saturday we decided that today, Sunday, we would spend the day together in the kitchen.  While we were preparing, we were also doing other things that were necessary.  Luna needed to go outside to rub about, stalk some birds, and do other cat things.

When we make the Peach-Whiskey Chicken I only use thighs.  I think that they taste the best, are the most moist, and have only a few bones.  I started to think about a restaurant that Mor used to frequent.  It was Coppola's in Hyde Park, NY.  She would always rave about the Chicken Cacciatorre.  They did not make it like I do, I only use thighs, I don't know if they did.  My sauce does have a very prevalent meaty taste, at the time theirs' did not.  They would serve it with  breaded cutlets.  I thought that maybe we could give it a whirl.  We breaded a few chicken cutlets, fried them, and we will have them when we eat the thighs.  I can hardly wait.

I truly think that this is one of my absolute favorites.

When it comes to the Masaman Curry, I think that it is my favorite of the curries.  I especially like the potatoes.  They are so creamy and delicious.  Shrimp as the protein wins hands down, chicken is my second choice.

After all said and done, it was a most glorious day.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

it's good....all good

I am happy to say that we have been really good about eating out of the big freezer.  While I was in the basement doing laundry, I could hear from the shelf the wok calling out to me "use me, use me please".  I need to make curry, I have everything I need to make Masaman Curry.   Chicken from the freezer, check.  Frozen shrimp, check.  Potatoes, check.  Everything else that is needed is a staple, all is good. 

Of all the curry dishes, this is probably my absolute favorite.  Could it be the shrimp?  The creaminess of the potatoes?  Masaman curry, yeah, my favorite.

Saturday evening Gabriella wanted to make Banana Bread.  I was all for it because we have a few bananas that are getting too ripe.  A few weeks ago, I finally found the bread maker.  It was hiding in plain site.  Now all I have to do is find my parafin wax thing.  I am happy to say the bread maker worked, the loaf looked pretty til I tried to get it out of the pan, but no matter how bad it looked Gabriella made a tasty loaf.

We are going to try it again today.

Yes, we are open

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Dinner for the last couple of weeks has been quick affair, nothing major has been made.  The truth is that the grill has been used a lot.  The only time the oven has been on is to make oven fries.  I have big major issues with turning on the oven with the AC on.   I should use the "summer kitchen" but it would not be an easy task to do so.   I was thinking about the outside grill trying to remember when the last time it was used, then my mind wonders to the Weber and I go to Thanksgiving turkey.  Oh how moist and delicious it is.  It is my favorite way to have turkey.

It is time to eat out of the big freezer.  I have more than a few meals that have to be eaten.  Eating out of the freezer makes me very happy, not only does it clean out the freezer, I get all my "tupperware" back.   But of course this makes a problem, the container cupboard gets too full and it overflows.  Yeah, this should be my worst problem......

I did make a mean spinach and chicken sausage risotto, the other day and it was good, really good.  I would make it again.   Wegman's had a sale on the Swanson Stock and Broth, it is the best of all the stocks and that is not just my opinion, according to Cook's Illustrated, they agree.  I used stock instead of broth, I don't know if the stock made any difference in the taste.

While I was making the risotto, I was thinking about one of my favorites, Sausage, artichoke hearts, and Broccoli Rabe over Orecchiette.  I three times love this dish.  I think I need to make it next week.

I am going start our "cleaning of the freezer" today, I wonder what we are going to begin with?