Saturday, August 1, 2015


Dinner for the last couple of weeks has been quick affair, nothing major has been made.  The truth is that the grill has been used a lot.  The only time the oven has been on is to make oven fries.  I have big major issues with turning on the oven with the AC on.   I should use the "summer kitchen" but it would not be an easy task to do so.   I was thinking about the outside grill trying to remember when the last time it was used, then my mind wonders to the Weber and I go to Thanksgiving turkey.  Oh how moist and delicious it is.  It is my favorite way to have turkey.

It is time to eat out of the big freezer.  I have more than a few meals that have to be eaten.  Eating out of the freezer makes me very happy, not only does it clean out the freezer, I get all my "tupperware" back.   But of course this makes a problem, the container cupboard gets too full and it overflows.  Yeah, this should be my worst problem......

I did make a mean spinach and chicken sausage risotto, the other day and it was good, really good.  I would make it again.   Wegman's had a sale on the Swanson Stock and Broth, it is the best of all the stocks and that is not just my opinion, according to Cook's Illustrated, they agree.  I used stock instead of broth, I don't know if the stock made any difference in the taste.

While I was making the risotto, I was thinking about one of my favorites, Sausage, artichoke hearts, and Broccoli Rabe over Orecchiette.  I three times love this dish.  I think I need to make it next week.

I am going start our "cleaning of the freezer" today, I wonder what we are going to begin with?

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