Saturday, September 26, 2015

Little bits of deliciousness

I have to admit to being very lazy with the picture taking.  It is not like the camera is not in the kitchen with me, it is sitting right there on the upper peninsula, but I forget to grab it.  I have decided that I would be more diligent and take more pictures, I need to get my act together.

So here is just some of the goings on here on DeVoe......

Bread making..

With Andrew not taking lunch everyday, there had been a great deal of moldy bread.  So we decided (actually Kathy started it) we could make bread again.  Well the upside, no more moldy bread.  We have been experimenting with all different flours.  Anyway, tell me what is better than bread and butter,

I only remembered to take a picture of the sausage being uncased, cut into small pieces, and then sauteed.

What I did not take a picture of was the garlic and spinach sauteing next, then having the whole of that deliciousness served with Orecchiette.  I love them.  I love this so much, life is good when one has sausage and orecchiette, really good.  Oh, yeah we served it with basil/oregano bread that we made.

When we go to Delicious Orchard's, I always buy AppleCider Donuts for Andrew and Cheesey Bread for Gabs.  Well I found in the bread book a Cheese and Onion bread, so yeah, we made it.  There was only one problem.....we put in a wee bit too much yeast.  Let me tell you, it tasted mighty good though.

It wasn't so bad cleaning the machine, I thought it would be terrible.

Then we made.....Simple Syrup and Lemon Simple Syrup.

I cooked the lemon zest with the is killer good.  I am so so glad Kathy gave me the pull down citrus juicer, we could get twice the amount of juice out of the lemons than we could with the hand squeezer.

show me the way

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I just could not help myself

Why oh why do the things that are so incredibly delicious be so bad for you?

One cannot forget the liquid gold.....triple filtered then stashed in the fridge, Mor would be so proud.

All things being equal and all, I really think that Mor would really be proud of our latest endeavor.   Just as important though is that Gabriella and I made Crepe Cake filled with Dulce de leche mousse together.  
 Don't cook two cans of sweetened condensed milk at once or use a larger pot.  I used my "regular" one can pot, they really needed to cook more than the usual 2.5 hours.  We had to continue cooking it in the double boiler to achieve the correct color and taste.

 We were not home when we put it together, but it was a winner. 

 Why, oh why do the best things be so bad.  I have to employ moderation......that is the key.

Friday, September 11, 2015

going on

When it comes to food, there is really not much that I don't like.  The same can be said for Andrew and Gabriella, Andrew and Melanie were the tough ones.  That being said, I still draw a blank when it comes to making dinner every night.  There, of course, are mitigating factors that stop me from making some things.  I hate to turn on the oven when the AC is on, I think it defeats the purpose of the AC.

When it comes to having my favorite easy pasta dish, Oil & Garlic, I get so excited.  One reason, Andrew makes it and he makes it the best.  I also enjoy when he adds a little something-something extra.  This time it was spinach.

And lots of cheese.....