Sunday, September 13, 2015

I just could not help myself

Why oh why do the things that are so incredibly delicious be so bad for you?

One cannot forget the liquid gold.....triple filtered then stashed in the fridge, Mor would be so proud.

All things being equal and all, I really think that Mor would really be proud of our latest endeavor.   Just as important though is that Gabriella and I made Crepe Cake filled with Dulce de leche mousse together.  
 Don't cook two cans of sweetened condensed milk at once or use a larger pot.  I used my "regular" one can pot, they really needed to cook more than the usual 2.5 hours.  We had to continue cooking it in the double boiler to achieve the correct color and taste.

 We were not home when we put it together, but it was a winner. 

 Why, oh why do the best things be so bad.  I have to employ moderation......that is the key.

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