Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's Supposed to be Cathartic....Cooking on DeVoe

I figured the best way to be the best me is to get started. 
My favorite flower, my favorite season, spring, renewal, where all things are possible.

I have a couple of other favorites, our  family and friends, our home,  motorcycles,  trucks, and

our stove....our almost, almost finished (we need doors & drawers)  our kitchen.  September 11, 2012,
the day our BlueStar 48" RNB with a grill arrived home.....I was so very happy, who would have figured that an appliance could make one so happy, it did, it really did.  Now 14 months later, and I have to say that I still can't believe it is ours....

I have made quite a few meals in the almost finished kitchen,  usually not single handed,  and have enjoyed making them immensely.   Gabriella said to me, she had thought she had "Mommy Goggles" on when she was little, asked for an explanation, she said she thought that me,  her mom cooked the best...then she sampled others cooking, and still felt that way...probably the most sincere way to tell me that I was loved....cause as trite as it seems, food is mom made food for us, and on our birthdays made whatever we wanted, mine pork chops on the bone with applesauce and Rice a Roni,  Mor made Danish food for us, and even Gram made pancakes in the shape of pears and apples for us.  Then Mrs. Gallo, who  could do magical things with tomato sauce.....she could feed 37 people on one skinny chicken, and it be heavenly.  The woman could make lasagna and eggplant parmigiana that would make the angels sing, and my mother wish she had more. My favorite, Carne Pizzaiola, I wish I had some right now... I keep things that belonged to them near, so that I can channel them when I am doing the cooking.

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