Thursday, April 2, 2015

A gift to you

Some of my most favorite memories have involved food, it could have been the preparation, eating, or even just watching it being eaten, I have enjoyed it all.   I have been racking my brain trying to figure out a most special gift for Kathy.  I kept coming up empty, nothing, nada.  I could come up with nothing, there is nothing on this good green earth that I could possibly get for her.  That is when it hit me, crepes.....Kathy loves crepes and she has enough Lingonberry jam to last her a lifetime.  She is now in dutch, no Danish, in crepes. 

I wasn't finished with her, so I made for her dining pleasure....Risotto Milanese with Peas....(poor Mike, he does not like peas)

You know I love my new label maker, but I can still rock old school......
I was feeling still ambitious so I also made for her my new favorite, Creamy Orzo with is so easy peasy to make, and so so delicious.

I wish I had had some shrimp to add....

Well Happy Birthday my friend......


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