Wednesday, February 24, 2016

True love is....

Today, yes, today my most favorite dinner was prepared for me, for my pleasure, for my dining enjoyment.  Rubbed & Grilled on the bone thick Pork Chops, oh yes, yes, yes.  There was also, Applesauce and Rice-a-Roni, well almost Rice-a-Roni, it was Rice with saffron and chicken stock.

There was also an added bonus, Gabriella's fave, Shrimp Cocktail.  We indulged in very beautiful Tiger Shrimp from the Asian Market.  Andrew cooked them in his House Special Seafood Boil.  He grilled the chops to perfection and they were moist and magnificent.

We have to go see the Butcher @ Acme to tell them that the pork chops were amazing.  They are really great, they will cut all the meat exactly how you like.  We have gotten to know them well and everything I have asked for, they really go above and beyond.

having my favorite meal cooked for me.

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