Monday, October 26, 2015

slow and tender

While I am putting on face cream on I seem to have these small epiphanies, now I don't know if it is because I am looking at myself or if I don't have anything else on mind.  I am more low and slow than hot and fast.  It may even be true that I am the slowest woman in the world.  I do love a rare Strip Steak, I am not the one that prepares it.  That is in Andrew's wheelhouse.  He is the "Grillmaster Extraordinaire" in our family.  I do the long, low, and slow.  I think it is why I love to do Pulled Pork and Whiskey Chicken. 

We went to Sam's late Friday afternoon, we needed paper goods, I was freaking out we opened the last case of toilet paper.  I have to have 2 giant cases at all times.  We also needed the "secret blend of cheese" that Andrew grinds for macaroni.  While I was perusing the meat case, I wanted to get a Leg of Lamb, the butcher just put out some cryopacks of Boston Butt.   Boston makes the best pulled pork.  So I put back the lamb and took the pork.  I have been to 3 different markets last week for the Boston, they never have it.  Most times I have to settle for the Picnic Shoulder.  While it too makes amazing pulled pork, the butt is that much better.  Decision made Pulled Pork for Sunday Dinner.  Only this weekend Sunday Dinner would be Saturday Dinner.  Sunday was for reruns.

We came home and right away we started on the pork.  Andrew was defatting the pork, you still have to trim it up, I was putting the rest of the stuff away.  That done, it was time to rub the butts with spices and wrap them in cling wrap, then one in freezer paper, the other in a container for the fridge.  The rub will permeate the meat and it will be amazing. The rub is also another one of Andrew's secret blends.  The man knows his way around the spice cabinet for sure.  You can see the label on the jar, so secret that I don't even know the mix, I get to make the label and of course, eat whatever it is on.  So I guess I'm ok with not knowing. 

That done time to relax.

Saturday morning was a fine day here in the central part of the state.  I got up early, driven out of bed by a small cat that just wants to go outside and hunt.   While the rest of the house slept, I decided on making Sweet Corn Bread to have with the Pork.  I can't say that I crept down the stairs because that would be hard to believe, so I will say that I went downstairs, started the coffee, opened the big front door, then took out the flour and the rest of the ingredients to make the bread.  That is how my day started.  I watched a little Food Network and Cooking Channel.  Then onto things that needed to be done. 

Growing up in Bay Ridge, we had a goodly mix of different nationalities, so we were exposed to different ethnic foods.  There were many specialty stores that catered to these different groups, such was the case of the German Deli on 3rd Ave and 94th Street.  Even though there were a few German Delis around that one had the best cold salads.  I was in heaven when my Mom would send me to buy a pound of each macaroni salad, potato salad, German potato salad, and coleslaw.  They were an all time favorite, unfortunately I judged every cold salad that I ever ate to them, and I am very sorry to say that I have ever, ever had any as good.  There have only been three coleslaw that have come close, one I can never get again, Mr. Ron's Coleslaw from Acme, and believe it or not, KFC.  That is it.  No macaroni salad to have or either of the potato salads.  That is what happens when you start with the best.

I  popped the rubbed pork in the Staub with a can of green chilies and a bit of broth into the oven at 275.  I made the cucumber salad and it needed to sit for a bit.  We ran to the market to get Mr. Ron's and shrimp.  We were quick about it, got what we needed and left, really quick. 

Andrew made the boil for the shrimp.  He is very good with the spices.  I know that he used a some Old Bay, I also know that he was into the spices elbow deep.   They were mixed with water and smelled absolutely fantastic.  I was waiting for the shrimp to be done with bated breath.

The whole house was smelling with deliciousness, bread done, shrimp done, pork done.  All we needed was to set the table and all would be right in my little world.

Anthony said that there should not be any talking while we ate pulled pork, Kiki told him to be quiet.  I don't think that either one of us could be quiet for an entire meal, no not going to happen.

The meal was finished with mini canolli.  Yes, everything in my world is gonna be just ducky....

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