Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday with us

The work/school week is just about to begin and we are given this most wonderful respite in the form of Sunday Dinner.  It makes the day longer, we are elbow to elbow doing what needs to be done to make a most delicious family meal.  Sometimes it is just the two of us, sometimes three, and then sometimes it is all of us from our little family.

While the last touches are being installed into the kitchen for the season, a new window frame.  I was putting together a quick red sauce with sausage. 

We decided that it was time to try the whole wheat flour that we bought.  There was an Italian bread in the book that used half whole wheat and half bread flour.  We made this Italian bread a few times with just bread flour and it was delicious, so I confident that this would taste good also. 

The bread looked absolutely perfect.  The taste on the other hand, I think that it needed more salt and spices.  Next time for that.

I also made a Maple bread for PB&J.  While it photographed delicious.  It stuck to the paddles.
We had to go back to old school cheese grinding, the suctioning grinder really wasn't stainless.  The cheese drum started to wear and it changed the cheese color, so no more with that.

It was a most beautiful day.....

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