Friday, October 3, 2014

all the time

I grew up always having plenty to eat, not necessarily what I wanted, but there was always plenty to be had.  I thought and still do think that my Mom is a wonderful cook.  There are really not that many things that I don't like, we were not allowed to leave the table if we did not finish our meal, that was the rule.  We each had our likes and dislikes, Stew....I hate stew, I really hate stew, I never liked it, still don't like it.  Yuck, stew...there is nothing I like about it, I don't know why because I like everything in it, I just don't like the way it tastes together, and it is not just my Mom's I don't like, it's everybody's Beef Stew.  Kiki and Johnny loved it.  My kryptonites were stew, kitchen cut green beans with these noodles that looked like caterpillars, hamburgers in the cast iron pan(I like beef medium rare, they were black), and LIVER (double yuck).....  We could drink, talk, laugh, and do almost anything at the table, except sing, we were not allowed to sing at the table, I never knew why, we were just not allowed.  It was not as easy as it seems because there was always music on, and it was inevitable a good song would come on and Kiki and I would be busting.....  Even now when we are eating a song comes on that I like, I smile and sometimes I even sing.

Here is what has been going on....

There were burgers with veggies from the yard cooked on the grill with tomato salad also from the yard.

Then I went a wee bit, ok a whole lot, over board with the Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Risotto.  I need to cut back on the Cruciferous vegetables.  You know that is not fair cause we are going into fall artichoke and cardone season.  Not right at all....

Then I tried my hand again at Mac & Cheese, I used fresh herbs from the garden and bacon....

Maybe a little too much cheese.

butter to my bread

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