Wednesday, October 29, 2014

no cause for concern

I think that I have the Christmas Day dilemma solved.  I am going to sample meat from two different butchers that are about 1.5 hours away, in totally different directions.  I have to go north for both, one is northwest and the other northeast, I am going to take a day to go to them, then I will come home and prepare the dishes for a side by side taste comparison.  I think I will have no problem getting Mike to come to taste for me.  No worries, no worries at all.

My Mom and Dad were here for a few days last week, so my Mom and I went shopping for the things that she misses and can't get up by her.  I bought two family packs of chicken thighs and so I am making the ever popular and delicious Whiskey Chicken.  I think I will make it over mashed.  I love mashed potatoes.  I have Honey Jack Daniels and Honey Evan Williams, I want to taste to see which is better.  I just hope that it agrees with my belly, cause I am going to take my sick pills today, maybe I will just wait til tomorrow.  This chicken dish is one of my favorites, I just love it.  I think it's fantastic.  Thank you Pioneer Woman.  I was thinking that I would not mind having her "lodge" as my home. 
 I took this picture while I was gathering my ingredients for the chicken dish, I thought it was a lovely picture of garlic, I do so enjoy garlic.   Andrew makes the best macaroni with garlic & oil.  I think that is what we should have on Wednesday, which is today already.  I digress, back the the Whiskey Chicken.

 I cleaned and dried the thights, then seasoned the chicken with salt & pepper.

 Next I browned them skin side down first, then when they had great color I turned them.

 When I finished browning the thighs, I removed most of the oil, then I added the shallots and onions to the pot and sauteed them till the were just soft, added the garlic, while scraping up all the wonderful bits, being very careful I added the whiskey, oh the smell was wonderful, cooked it for about a minute, then added the rest of the stuff, and finally the chicken with the juices back into the pot, and placed it in a preheated 300 degree oven, then cooked it for 1 1/2 hours.  I could smell the deliciousness outside because the vent fan was pulling it from the house.
 I also decided it would be a treat to make potato pancakes.  I had about 6 russet potatoes, I grated them with onion, and squeezed out all the liquid, added the starch back with eggs.  The rest was a treat with sour cream and apple sauce.

I made fake potatoes, yes I do serve them sometimes, they can be enjoyable if you "up the ingredients".  We sat down to a most delicious Tuesday Dinner.
When I was cleaning up I realized I had been forgetting one ingredient, fresh/frozen peach slices, never again will I forget.  I made lunch for the girls for Wednesday with what was left over, and still had 4 pieces left for us to nibble on later in the week or maybe a 4 am breakfast.

We are truly blessed. 

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