Friday, November 7, 2014

working on a solution with Evan and Jack

I have been working a finding a solution for Christmas Day.  I have been searching for an answer that doesn't include $260.00 shipping.  I may have to drive to Virginia, the largest state in the Union when you are driving to and fro Florida from New Jersey.  I spoke to a very promising lead and I just may have a solution.

I did try to use the closest to me solution, but it did not pan out at all, it did however lead me to a market that I probably would never have gone to for more than one reason.  I went to a grocer called "Best Yet Market".  Was it the best, no.  Did they have what I needed, no.  Would I ever return, probably not.  What the did have was a great selection of locally grown fruits and veggies, it was awesome.  The most shocking thing was the size of the chicken thighs.  They were huge, I really mean huge.  So I bought 4 family packs.  I am a Peach Whiskey fanatic.  When I was washing and trimming them, I decided to cut them in half, they were lean for the most part, but I did not like the hidden aspect, the butcher had added fat and extra skin to the package by placing it on the underside of thigh so that you could not see it until you removed the thigh from the package.  I was annoyed, you could plainly see that it was added then wrapped.  All in all they were meaty and beautiful.

I did not have enough Jack Daniels' Honey for this batch, I had bought Evan Williams' Honey for the sauce.  I was more than pleased with the result.  I did make enough to freeze, cause there is nothing better than opening up the freezer, pulling it out, making either mashed, rice. or polenta, and viola'...dinner.

This is it....

I did add just a smidge of Jack just to bring it up to 4 cups.  I love this chicken dish, it rates up there with one of my favorites.  Now I can't wait for reruns.

Thanks guys for trying to help.

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