Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving happiness

Sunday night ended with preparations for a busy week.  Knives sharpened, utensils and boards oiled.  I love sporting events. 
The week began with me going first thing on Monday to the grocery for what I needed to make our Thanksgiving feast.  I wanted to try a little something different, but I needed some help, I needed a boneless turkey.  I went to Acme for fresh turkeys.  I wanted to get 12-14 pound birds.  I picked the two that I wanted then went to the butcher.  I asked him if he would be able to debone one of the turkey, he thought about it for a moment or two, then said yes.  While the butcher worked his knife, I finished shopping.  When I finally was able to get myself home I was exhausted, four stores in one day, I must be nutty.  Andrew was home by the time I got here, and I was ecstatic to have his help carrying my packages in.  He was as happy as me about the boneless turkey. 

Late Tuesday afternoon I made the brine, it needed to be cooled so I would be able to put the turkeys in.  When we took the turkeys out of the wrappers we were surprised to find that the boneless turkey still had bones.  I was deflated, Andrew told me not to worry, we went online, found a video on how to debone a turkey, and watched it a few times.  Andrew got his knives ready and went to work.   I knew he would make it all right. 

I bought six or eight thighs along with the neck and all the rest of the stuff that goes into making the broth that will be the base for the gravy. 

I added the wings from the deboned bird along with herbs and root veggies to round out all the flavors. 

It was all in the pool with the turkeys.  Once again I must thank Corrado's for the food grade plastic container that they were swimming in.  My Mom thoroughly enjoyed my very heavy rocks that I used along with a plate to keep the turkeys submerged. 

Stuffing and Candied Yams where on Kathy this year.  She makes the best stuffing, I for one could not wait to get into that.  Kathy's yams are spot on. 

On Wednesday, we were able to get the brioche bread to make the dressing for the boneless turkey, it had to made early because it needed to be cool before I rolled it all up.  Portabella Mushrooms, garlic, shallots, twelve eggs, heavy cream, and butter,  along with the brioche were sauteed, then baked in the oven until it was done.  I will admit to  having a small taste test when it came out of the oven.  I really had to control myself and hurry to put in a container to save for the morning.  I braved the snow and freezing rain to go outside to pick fresh thyme and rosemary.  It was so great to still have our little garden and to be able to still get stuff from it.

My Mom was busy making a family favorite that Mor used to make....Trifle.  Yum...
Thanksgiving arrived bright and early, actually it still was not even light out when I got out of bed to start.  We decided that we were going to cook the whole bird in the oven instead of in the Weber.  I had both pans ready for the tasks.  I think the hardest thing was carrying in the bucket with the birds in, but I did not want to wake Andrew cause he never gets to sleep late. 

I took the whole bird out of the brine, then washed it in cold water, then thoroughly dried it.  I massaged herbed butter under the skin.  I stuffed the bird with celery, onion, garlic, and herbs.  I then rubbed butter and spices onto the skin, placed it breast side down on the rack in a 350 degree oven.

After an hour, I took the bird out and flipped it.  I put aluminum foil on the wings and legs so that they did not burn.
While Sam(the turkey) was in the oven I started on the boneless bird.  I took it out of the brine, rinsed and dried it.  Now it was time, I channeled Mrs. Gallo's rolling skills and took a note from her book by using enough string to dock the Queen Mary.  I think my Mom and I did a pretty good job.  We got all the stuffing in and not a crumb fell out.  I then rubbed some butter and seasonings on the outside.

The whole bird was done before we even knew it.  I just looked fabulous.  We tented it and let it rest.

While the boneless bird was happily roasting away.  We started on the sides.  Brussel sprouts with bacon and garlic and sauteed green beans.

I started to make the gravy with the broth and pan drippings from the turkey.  The flavor was spectacular.

Everyone started to come so it was time to start to carve.  I know that this is one of his favorite things to do. 

Soon after the boneless turkey was cooked.  We let it rest for a bit and then Andrew started to slice it.

The table was set, we were all gathered together and it was finally time to sit and enjoy the bounty.
We truly have so much to be thankful for.  It was a most wonderful day spent together, loud, boisterous, funny and happy, truly happy.

And the desserts.......

It was a great day......

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