Tuesday, January 27, 2015

pulled pork out

I love pork, I said it, yes I love pork.  It does not matter what it is, I just love all kinds of pork.  I take that back, I will not eat pigs feet, ears, any kind of pork guts except maybe casings, but that is it for the most part.  There was never any question about what I wanted for birthday dinner, bone-in pork chaps.  I love to order them when we are out, Andrew tells me not to because I will be disappointed, but I do it anyway, and 99 percent of the time he is right, disappointment.  So the only one I trust making me pork chops is Andrew, he always grills them to perfection.  Which brings me to my latest creation, Pulled Pork.  I love pulled pork more than you can imagine.  I love, love, love pulled pork.  One of the best things about going to Bike Week in Daytona is the pulled pork.  The other is the seafood, namely JB's Fish Camp in New Smyrna.  Their rock shrimp is to die for, but I digress.  it was all about Pulled Pork on Sunday.  I just can't stop making it.  Right now all I want to do is to go to the butcher and buy another piece of pork.  I need an intervention.

We picked up a nice pork shoulder at the grocery, came home, trimmed it up, removed the fat/skin, and rubbed it with Butt Rub.  This is one of my favorite rubs, I got the first jar in Tennessee a few years ago, I was able to get it online because I have yet to see it here.  I then covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to chill for a few days.

Sunday morning I took the pork out of the fridge, heated up the cast iron dutch oven, and seared the pork on all the sides in a little pork fat and duck fat, then deglazed the pot with Laird's AppleJack.  I covered the pot, then put it in a 275 degree oven for 4.5 hours. 

When the pork was finished, I left it to rest on top of the stove for about an hour.  Andrew then pulled it out and pulled it. 
We served it with it's own juices, Dinosaur Sauce(simply the best), coleslaw, crunchy veg salad, and fries.  I could not get corn bread, so we had challah bread. 
What a great Sunday it turned out to be.

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