Monday, January 19, 2015

the little one's favorite

While I was at the lunch meat counter with Gabs, Andrew was perusing the fish, he had us look at the cost of the cooked lobster, $54.00.  That is just nuts.  We decided on soup and sandwiches earlier for dinner.  I saw the clams just hanging out on the ice and decided they would be dinner the next day.  Clam sauce and macaroni is Gab's favorite.

Andrew did the hard part, cleaning the clams, while I got off easy making the sauce.  I started with butter, shallots. and garlic.  I used a few frozen clams and Maine Clam juice.  We reduced the liquid and finally added the clams, then covered the pan.  When the macaroni was almost done, we drained it, added it to the clams.   All the clams opened and macaroni finished in that wonderful sauce.  Next added some grated cheese.

It was pretty amazing.

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