Sunday, February 8, 2015

yes, pork again....

I don't care, I made Pulled Pork again.  I love it, that's it.  There was only one small problem, we had only a small amount of Dinosaur sauce, the only hitch in our collective giddy up.  There will be changes the next time, like two weeks from now, I will use the Butt Rub not the BBQ Butt Rubb.  The second said rub was not as flavorful as the first, even though I let in set in for five days.  I am going to have to send away for more of the first Butt Rub.

I cooked it low and slow....275 for 4.5 hours.  I want a smoker real bad.  I used some liquid smoke to catch some extra flavor.  Mr. Ron's  coleslaw was served with it, along with crunch veggie salad, tater tots, and some sweet rolls.  Life is good.

Finally, finally, finally after almost two years of saying "I want waffles", we had waffles.  Of course, we had the typical "breakfast" waffle.

We had a brainstorm, I really wanted savory, this is what we came up with....

 Hey now....Pulled Pork with coleslaw on a waffle.  Now that is big time, real big time.

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