Monday, February 24, 2014

A simple celebration....

Yesterday was  Glenette and Anthony's birthday.  Carol and Mike brought the cake, Kiki brought Carol and Mike, and Anthony drove the car.  So it was a group effort.

We made Split Pea Soup.....I soaked 2 pounds of green split peas overnight.  I wanted to make it with yellow peas, but they did not have any at the Hmart.  I went to the grocery store twice to buy the peas, both times I got a whole bunch of things that I did not need, and forgot to buy the peas on each trip.  Phew, sometimes I think that I am brain dead.  I am so brain dead, that I forgot to ask Kathy and Mike to come, Kathy does not eat the chicken thighs, but I bought chicken cutlets, to make on the side, but I forgot.  Mike, I am pretty sure does not eat Split Pea, it's green, and Mike doesn''t eat green.  I was just so clear-headed, that I forgot.  I am going to make it up to her.  I am so very sorry.

We used the Staub "BabyBath", as we call it.  I think that it is 13.5 quarts.  Kathy gave it to me two Christmas' ago.  She bought it when she, Gabriella, and I went to Salem, MA.  We popped into the Wrentham Outlets.  They have an awesome William-Sonoma outlet.  I just love that store.

 Dinner was the Peach Whiskey Chicken, I think I have to stop making it for a couple of months.  I have made it at least once a week for like a month and a half.  Pretty soon Andrew is going to wrinkle his nose at it.  It is just soooo good, I can't help myself.

I decided to make Milanese risotto.  The last time I made twice as much risotto, it was a total failure.  I did not know what happened but I failed miserably.  I gave it another try, and it seemed to all come together.  I enjoy risotto, all kinds of risotto, even mushroom risotto.

and this is how it looked when it hit the plate.....
Yes, I added peas.  Andrew loves peas.....

Life is good, life is very is great.  We are happy, very happy

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