Friday, February 21, 2014

in a secret location......

As if....the only secret location I have, is the other side of my head, you know the part of you that answers your questions.  Truth be told, I have been kicking around the menu for the Tasting Party.
I have thought about having all chocolate dishes, then I think fondue....I love fondue.....I have multiple fondue pots.  Kathy gave me a white one that she was never going to use or so she said, and a beautiful copper fondue pot that was given to me by Donna, she had brought it home with her from Germany.  I have a cast iron fondue pot from Staub, that I bought two years ago, that I have yet to use.  I am thinking that maybe it is a good idea to have fondue.  A fondue tasting party...I think that it sounds like a delicious time...But then I think...we could have paninis & bellinis.....that sounds yummy, I just don't know, but I need to get my act together and figure this out.

I sent myself on an assignment, and on my way home I decided to stop at Delicious Orchards, I almost had to leave a kidney as payment, I bought Carrot Salad, two Ugly Tomatoes, and a loaf of cheese bread.  We ate the Carrot Salad, it was delicious.  So I decided that it could not be that hard to make, and I made it.  Yes, it was easy and it came out fantastic. 

I peeled about 8 carrots, and shredded them in the food processor, while I emptied a can of pineapple bits in a mesh strainer to drain.  I cleaned and chopped 3 scallions finely.  I put about 1.5 cups of raisins, scallions, pineapple, carrots into a bowl and then folded in .5 cups each of mayo and sour cream.  I then put in salt & pepper.  It was good, but I did not like the mayo undertaste, so I added a teaspoon of sugar.  Next time, no mayo only sour cream with a bit of milk.

I sent some to work with Andrew for lunch.  He gave it to the guy he works with, he had never had carrot salad before.  He said that he liked it.

I was thinking that it would taste amazing on a pulled pork sandwich.  So boys and girls, can you guess what else I made......I just happened to pick up a pork shoulder,  I thought that I would cut it up into pieces, and brown it, don't do that, ok....don't cut it up.....leave it whole, and cut off some of the fat. 

I chopped 2 medium shallots, 6 cloves of garlic.  I browned the approximately 7# of pork butt in  olive oil and butter, there really wasn't any fat to drain, so I sauteed the shallots & garlic in what was left in the pot, then added 4 peeled, cored, and chopped Granny Smith apples, cooked them for about 4 minutes, added 2 cups of apple brandy, scraped all the browned heaven from the bottom and sides of the pan, cooked till it reduced a little, then added 12 ounces of BBQ sauce, and 18 ounces of apple jelly, 2 tablespoons of worcestershire, put the pork and juices back into the pot, put the lid on, and put it in a 275F oven for about 4 hours.  This is what I got....we sneaked a is good.  Oh, yeah, I used apple smoked salt and pepper on the pork before I browned it.

I decided to make it this way because I was channeling the Peach Whiskey Chicken that I am currently enamored with.  I love that chicken......

We will have the pork on Friday with the carrot salad.

Now if only I could make that Tasting Menu, all would be right in my world.



  1. I must admit, I am not a raisin fan...... but Mitty brought me a 1 1/2 cup container of Carrot Salad (which took me 3 days to eat), and it was WONDERFUL! The woman can cook!

  2. As for the "Tasting Party", let it be known that it is during MY Vacation and being the True Friend that I am, I will be attending! Only for Mitty!