Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Soul Food...

The words that you spoke to me, I thank you for, they made me feel uplifted, joyous, and loved.  It is true, from that place in me comes the expression of my love.  I share with you all that has been shared with me, the love that has been given to me, and I will pass it on. 

 Together we made grilled rubbed bone-in pork chops with Saffron butternut squash risotto,

 I steamed half of the butternut squash for later in the week, and I sauteed the other half in the pot I was going to use to make the risotto.  I sauteed the the squash in a little butter, olive oil and then seasoned them with salt, pepper, and chili flakes, when they were almost done, I took them out added a little butter and olive oil again, sauteed shallots, then browned the aborio rice, deglazed with pinot grigio.  I thought to enhance the butternut experience by using butternut soup, and a small amount of chicken broth.  I also added saffron, and parmigiano reggiano cheese.  Oh, yeah, it was good. 

 and yes, I did use the olivewood risotto spoon, that made Andrew smile, I love when he smiles, especially at me.  I live for that.  How crazy is that, after almost 35 years, I am still absolutely crazy in love with him.

While I was putting the groceries away from our excursion to the supermarket, Andrew was outside playing (moving) the icy snow around.  He had heard that we were in for some snow, he cleared the ice out of Donna's driveway, I found out that our neighbors' each injured themselves, Donna moving the ice/snow around and Glenette fell while walking on the ice.  So we decided that dinner was to be shared with Glenette and Donna. 

I have been working on the menu for the tasting party that is coming in a few short weeks. 

The Roving Librarians have been doing a great job for Kathy, and the head librarian needs to eat something other than take-out, I made them.....Peach Whiskey Chicken.....yeah...I know, I know, again....but I enjoy making it, and I got all that whiskey from Michael, so it was a no brainer.  Chicken thighs were still on sale....

I left the sides up to them...

I called Kathy, she called the Librarians and they came to pick the food up.  I guess I made fast food for them.  I know that Kathy worries about them, and I don't want her to worry so much, she has enough. 

everything will be alright......


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  1. FYI: they called in for another order, as soon as possible, and would like to know if you could triple the portions!!! Guess a Home Cooked Meal is hard to come by on their schedule. Oh yeah, another container of cookies would be appreciated as well! Thanks, kathy