Friday, March 14, 2014

square one....

Last night I made baked macaroni, it was delicious.  It was better by far because I used fresh ricotta and fresh mozzarella.  If I had fresh macaroni, I would have used it.  I am still trying to get used to "empty nest" syndrome.  With all the kids out either at school or in their own house, you only have to have enough for two.
 We had an Italian loaf that lasted for three dinners.  It kind of has it's good points....

It is not so hard to figure it out when it comes to grilling or stuff like that.  The problem arises when you try and make things like baked macaroni.  So I put the leftover macaroni in a container.  I then packed some up for Donna, I went over to tell her my tale of woe, she commiserated with me, made me feel a bit better, now we have lots of leftovers for us.  

You know to grill one or two steaks or chops, but how much does a person eat, there in lies the problem.  Andrew is the master of the grill, he can make me food anytime.  Today he made for me my favorite, on the bone pork chops.  He rubbed them with "Rib Rub" and then grilled them about 30 minutes later.

I made a mean bag of oven fries, and we shared the last bit of ketchup from Canada.

Tomorrow.....well I just don't know

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