Tuesday, June 24, 2014

contemplating a method

How would it be if for an entire month most of the food that I prepared, served, and ate would be from one country, nationality, or ethnicity?  Then on the first of the next month, I switched.  I was thinking that maybe I should implement something like that, problem is I don't have a minimum of 30 dishes each.  Let's say Polish Food, I think I know maybe 6 meals, and although I love, love, love Cabbage and Noodles, my spouse, me, and my plumbing would need a rest.  I would have to buy a new cookbook or hang out with the ladies from St. Mary's.  Maybe a month is too grand of scale?  Maybe two weeks would be better?  Maybe a week?  How about if I designate one night a week, maybe that is it.  Wednesday, of course, would be macaroni.  That is the law.   I am going to have to think about this.

I am in Thai mood.  I love Thai mood, I wish I could master or even quasi-master Pad Thai.  I just can't.  It is a very elusive dish, for me anyway.  I love Pad Thai.  I especially love Pad Thai from Woodbridge Avenue in Highland Park.  Although it wasn't quite up to snuff the last time we were there, it is far superior than any other place we have been to. 

Last night we had Shrimp, chicken, and potatoes in Masaman Curry. 

Masaman Curry is my favorite.  I have eaten Red, Green, Penang, and Yellow.  I have not yet had the Sour Yellow, although I did buy a can, I have not yet used it.

I like the rhythm of the wok, the steps, a dance of sorts, and the layering of the flavors.  I feel that I have to be on my toes or else it does not come together.  I know that it is a dual effort, I never go it alone, we place the ingredients in order of how they are to be added. 

 Then in short order it is done, just like that. 

When I was getting the ingredients for Sunday's dinner together, I noticed that I had a whole mess of coconut milk that needed to be used soon or they were going to expire.  I kind of went full tilt on the coconut milk because they put it on special, so.......it's "curry time".  I went to the Hong Kong Market for the shrimp on my way home,  I had taken out a portion of chicken breast that was cut up for curry and decided that I would only use half the chicken and half the shrimp for the Masaman curry, and then on Wednesday, I know, I know it's "Macaroni Day", try again....to make Pad Thai.  I also bought firm Tofu and Bean Sprouts, I enjoy chicken, shrimp, and tofu in my Pad Thai.

Now for Thursday......

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