Wednesday, June 25, 2014

high hopes

I am still not ready to say "uncle".  I have decided to take it as a personal challenge.  My new mission is to perfect Pad Thai.  I might even have to go take a class, something that I am not adverse to do.  The opportunity has been presented 3 or so times.   I going to have to look into this and try to fit it into my very, very busy schedule....hehehe as if....  But until I get a class.....I am not prepared to stop,  even it means...................     Very dramatic don't you think?

My human guinea pigs thought it was good and tasty, I beg to differ.  I thought that it was a bit too sour and not the right color.  Andrew, my staunchest supporter, thank you so very much, said it was delicious, told me that I need to stop comparing it with 514 (the Thai restaurant).  I just can't help it because that is my favorite one.  I think I will go there today on my way home to get an order to go.  I will have a side by side taste comparison.  I just love those. 

The Pad Thai was made with shrimp, chicken and tofu.  I should have used fried tofu instead of firm.  The tiger shrimp were fantastic and cooked to perfection as was the chicken.  I know where I have to make adjustments with the proteins, I really have to work on the sauce.  I have seen Pad Thai sauce in the market, but I was loathe to use it, maybe I should. 

There are not that many ingredients, it is the balance of the flavors in the sauce that make it fantastic.  I actually got butterflies making Pad Thai.  I was like nervous with anticipation. 

I had everything ready.  Wok heating. 

Oil hot, then garlic.  Then I started the layering.....


I think that it looks pretty good...I just don't think it's the right color


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