Monday, June 16, 2014

treasured digs...

I am very happy to know that we are not alone.  Even in the worst, there can be something good.

I made an Icebox Cake.  I don't really know where I was or how I found out about icebox cakes, but apparently I was missing them.  My Mom never made one, neither did Mor, we ate regular cake.  We had cake, let me say, some really good cake, I used to hang out with a baker named Roy, his family owned the best Norwegian bakery in Brooklyn.  Yeah, he made some really good cake.....Mmmmm I digress, back to the icebox cake.  I looked them up, got a recipe, Kathy cajoled Mike's Mom's recipe out of hers, and I made one for Father's Day.  It is a shame that I did not take a picture of the completed cake, we broke into it before I got the camera, and well, there was not much left.....

It was so very easy to make.  All it took was heavy whipping cream, caster sugar, vanilla paste, and Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies. 

Father's Day dinner was Mussels Marinara....pretty fantastic.  I need to go to Canada for Zesty Clamato juice, our Clamato juice is not as thick or flavorful as our Canadian brethren have, so I have to also add the Spicy & Hot V-8 Juice.  I usually have a couple of bottles of the good stuff, but I ran out.  Road trip.

I served macaroni and nice bread.  It was a meal fit for a pretty great Dad.

Happy Fathers' Day...

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