Monday, August 25, 2014

No yellow only green this time, thank you.

Broccoli Rabe has got it's deliciousness firmly entrenched in my palate.  This summer should be called the "Summer of Broccoli Rabe".   I just cannot get enough, even as I am typing this, I am thinking that I have to run downstairs to take the sausage out of the freezer.  I did my best to only make Broccoli Rabe and sausage over oricchiette.  I love that macaroni.  My Mom and Dad came for a quick visit the other day, so not really needing an excuse to make it again, but using it as an excuse, to make it again, I went to the market to buy sausage, it has to be good sausage, and broccoli Rabe.  My Mom said that she never has had Broccoli Rabe, so sorry to remind her that Mrs. Gallo (not me) made it quite often for Andrew, she ate it.  Then again Mrs. Gallo could cook an old sneaker flavored with dirty underwear and socks, and it would be the best meal you have ever had. 

So I went to three different green markets to get the Broccoli Rabe, I did not have much of a selection, they all had yellow.  You never, ever, ever buy yellow because it is bitter. 

The sausage on the other hand were pretty fantastic....
It came together.
 I drained off the worries

It came together wonderfully.
So my end result was slightly sorry.  Adding cheese made everything right.   So did my Mom and Dad.
Andrew too, he always makes everything better. 
My Mom looks great, she really does.

My Parent's have such a busy schedule, I should half as busy, they left after three days, they had places they needed to be. 

Sunday was a most wonderful day.  Dinner was just as good.  The Stop&Shop finally had two good looking steaks, then so did we.  The Meat Dept. at that store doesn't cut thick steaks, so we never get them there.

They were pretty good looking so we took the chance.

Andrew rubbed them with Canadian Steak Seasoning.

My part was the toughest.  I had to take the "Crunch Summer Salad" and Cole Slaw from the fridge, and the fries from the freezer.

Then I set the table.  Yeah, it was rough.

Andrew grilled dinner to perfection.

We sat down with a wonderful glass of lemonade soda.
All we needed was some candlelight.

I had the filet, it was like butter.

It is vital.

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