Monday, August 11, 2014

stir all about

We are in the market for a rice maker, so we went shopping.  Window shopping is as far as we got.  I was so overwhelmed by the myriad of functions that each cooker was capable of, all I wanted was to go home.  I am pretty sure I know what functions I do want, I think I am going to internet it first, then make a short list, then go to the store to see the aesthetics of each machine.

I know that I don't need a cooker to make risotto, my pot and risotto spoon work most excellently.  Dinner was very late on Sunday, we went to the Bronx in the afternoon, and came home after 6 PM, so it was a boon that I had roasted the Butternut squash on Saturday for the risotto.  Butternut squash risotto with pancetta and chicken was on the menu, in fact it was the only thing on the menu, with the exception of some pretty fantastic bread from the Bronx.  Life is good with bread and butter, very good indeed.  I guess the risotto was the icing on the cake or the cream in the lobster tail.  So here is the making of the risotto.

finding solace, to be serene


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