Monday, December 14, 2015

BlueStar, John Boos, & Guittard Chocolate

Everybody is in the pool.... It's Monday, need I say more.  I have been getting my lists together and putting out some decorations for Christmas and winter.   The kitchen was a quasi busy hub this weekend.  I decided to make chocolate chip cookies.  I made the dough using all flour in the first batch.  In the second batch I replaced half the flour with almond meal flour.  I also used two different brands of chocolate chips: Nestle and Guittard.  All I can say is that I will never buy Nestle again or just use white flour.  The Guittard chips are amazing, truly amazing and the almond flour added a nuttiness that was standout.    I pulled out the Kenwood to make my life easier and it did.

We indulged in artichokes, they were a bit skinny and skimpy, so we had a few each.  Andrew decided that the artichokes were too small to stuff with breadcrumbs, so cheese, garlic, and olive oil were pressed in.

Andrew kept it simple with the steak, salt & pepper and into the cast iron pan.........first seared then into the oven to finish.  A quick pan gravy....

Yes, yes they tasted as good as they of wine 

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