Monday, December 7, 2015

jonesing for veal cutlet

It has been weeks and weeks and weeks that I have been telling Andrew that I have a hankering for veal cutlet.  Then, as we always do, we reminisce about how fantastic his Mom, Mrs. Gallo, would make veal cutlet.  Next he reminds me that all I ever had to do was to ask her to make something for me and she would.  Goodness, I miss her and her flavors.  She had flavors to die for.  Nobody, but nobody, can make a better sauce.  I wish I had some frozen.  I have her spoon hanging, right next to Mor's whisk.  She is giving me good vibes.

We decided that we would have the cutlets on Sunday, cause what is more special than Sunday Dinner.  Saturday after dinner, Andrew asked me if I wanted to go then or wait til the morning, then we looked at the time, it was 5:40, so we went.  On Sunday, the day got away from us and we decided to have reruns.  So tonight we finally had the most delicious veal cutlet.  Nothing fancy just breaded, cooked in the cast iron, and served with fresh mozzarella and bread, simple but simply divine.....

An indulgence that made us both very, very happy.....

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