Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Sunday Dinner

Yesterday was the fourth day of our Christmas celebration and we ended on the most delicious note.  We had all of the Christmas Day delights, we finally had the Stegt  Flaesk.  I was waiting for it.  If Frikadelle is my favorite then Flaesk is my fourth.  Andrew cooked it to perfection.  All of the Danish delights that he made would have had Mor beaming with pride.  He may not have used her cast pan but he most certainly channeled her with his.
I guess Andrew did not have enough of cooking on his most beautifully seasoned pan, he indulged in chicken hearts.  I can't say how long he has been jonesing for them, but it has been a bit.

Here is that most wonderfully seasoned pan.....

Finally......he dazzled us once again...

and then we sat down with...

Thank you for the most wonderful holiday.  Being with everyone makes me so very happy.

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