Monday, March 2, 2015

dancing in the kitchen

I braved my toes then threw caution to the wind and asked him to dance.  It was wonderful, I said just let yourself feel the music because you can't force it.  It has to just feel natural and where you want to be, made the choice, and be happy with it.

Breakfast in Daytona was always a wonderful affair, the Osteen Diner served up a most wonderful eggs and grits that would keep you full until it was time to eat dinner.  Does this mean on this "staycation"  breakfast everyday?  I hope that I did not set a precedent by making Danish Pancakes, oh they are delicious, for brunch.  When I think about Mor making the pancakes in her cast iron pan, I just can't believe how strong she was to be able to put the batter in the pan and roll in around.  My pan is stainless with teflon, I am a whimp.  But I make a mean pancake....

Goodness I miss Mor.

Andrew and I indulged in PBS yesterday, we watched all the cooking shows.  One of my all time favorite shows is "American Test Kitchen".  It is no wonder that it is my most favorite monthly.  I enjoy everything about the show and the magazine.  They are always so full of info and tips, that I usually put into practice.

We then watched Lydia, and tonight for dinner I made a spin on what she made, Garlic Risotto.  I added shrimp and peas.  It got some rave reviews, yeah woo hoo..... two of the staycation....

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