Monday, March 16, 2015

smells & touchstones

When I look at a cast iron pan, even if it is brand new in the box in the store, I go back home all the  way.  I come from a long line, ok two that I know of, women that fed their family from cast iron.  The pans' were black. shiny, and contained some of the most fabulous flavors a person could ever want.  They made magic from those pans, Mom made us pork chops and Mor made us danish pancakes.  My Dad did my Mom a favor by cleaning her pan for her, he took his grinder and cleaned her pan, I thought she was going to kill him, no really, she wanted to kibosh him over the head with her formerly most wonderfully seasoned pan.  I never realized how lucky we were until I was older and found that some kids never got hamburgers with fried onions from a deliciously seasoned pan, oh the inhumanity...

Cast iron is still a major player in our house and some of the most fabulous food comes from them.  Unlike my Dad and Far, my husband has his own pan.  His pan if seasoned wonderfully and he enjoys bringing forth some really great dishes.  Andrew and my Mom collaborated on a delicious steak with onions dinner for us rounded out with a wonderful salad.

Oh happy day.....

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