Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another favorite

Yeah, I know I have soooo many favorites, I have already admitted on numerous times that I enjoy everything about food, and yeah, I know that too shows.  Liking food is not new to me, I have always liked food.  Not only eating it, but every aspect of it, the planning, the shopping, the preparing, the cooking, and finally the eating.  I don't even mind the clean up, although I do hate to wash pots, and that has always been taken care of.  Some of my fondest memories of growing up had been spent in the kitchen with my Mom, I have been making meatballs for as long as I can remember.  My Mom was forever yelling at me to stop eating the raw meat, I love, love, love raw chopmeat.  I remember going to Mor & Far's house and they were eating "Cannibal" sandwiches.  I should be sorry to admit, but I am not, I have passed this love to Gabriella.  I do the obligatory "don't eat that" and smile on the inside.  Gabriella has been making meatballs since she was small and she does a mighty fine job.  In our house growing up I was the designated BBQ master, I am the one that went out in the snow, rain, sleet, and just plain cold to BBQ, me and my umbrella.  Good times, good times.

On Fridays during Lent, we did not eat meat, so my Mom would serve us usually fish.  She would indulge us with Stuffed Clams, oh how we loved them.  We would also have Clam Sauce and Macaroni, a most enjoyed one of mine and Gabriella's favorite.  My Mom did not have too many other sauces in her repertoire for macaroni other than red. clam sauce, or cheese.  If we were lucky, very lucky she would let me have butter.  I loved butter on ravioli, still do.  Of course, we would have grated cheese, never the one in the green can though, the real stuff from the Pork Store.  

When Andrew started to cook for me, way way back, he would make Macaroni with Oil & Garlic, with grated cheese.   It was heaven to me.  I never, ever, ever had this before and I don't think my Mom ever even heard of it.  Let me tell you from the first moment I put that deliciously wonderful macaroni in my mouth, I was hooked, in love, enthralled and have been ever since.  So when asked if I want him to make it, it is a resounding.....aaahhh yeah....Andrew makes it hands down, absolutely, unequivocally THE BEST....  He also used his secret special cheese blend and that is just how he rolls.

We only had a little cheese left so while he grated, I did the garlic, I have to earn my keep.

You need to use good olive oil, lots of garlic, and a macaroni that will catch all of the deliciousness.   So sorry to say, we needed more garlic.....

Then the cheese.

A little slice of heaven and that is very good.

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