Sunday, November 15, 2015

my perfectly organized kitchen....NOT

I am still trying to find the flow for the kitchen, it is not an easy task.  I look at family members' kitchens, friends' kitchens, Julia's kitchen, cooking show kitchens, and even kitchens online for flow ideas and still I have chaos.  There are hundreds of websites with pictures of how you should have things arranged, what type of canister/container to use, what shapes to buy, how many to buy and on and on.  The problem is that their stuff is not my stuff.  My stuff is different.   Sure I have flour, sugar, rice, and stock, my problem is that I got 6 kinds of flour, 4 types of sugar and well 8 kinds of rice and on, on, on.  Where do I put the five different kinds of mandolins I have, they are not the same size, and I don't use them all equally.  Do I keep them in an upper cupboard or in a lower drawer?  Are they even drawer worthy?  Then I need to remember I can only reach to the front of the second shelf without having to get the first of the three stools that are strategically placed around.  I told them I wanted and needed the library ladder, they did not listen.  I have not even found a good home for the dishtowels.....let's just face it, no flow.  I may now have an almost done kitchen but I still have no flow, none whatsoever. 
I love the Rubbermaid containers but they are so expensive 
I know that it would be very helpful if all the foodstuffs were in the same type of storage container, but I can't do that.  I love glass hermetic jars, but only use the Italian and French brands.  I use these all the time for everything.  These have the galvanized rings and are very sturdy.  The jars that are made in China in one word; SUCK.   Don't buy them, yes the chrome rings are beautiful, but they bend, never go back to fitting correctly, cheaply made, and just terrible.   I have found the only ones that seal well are the tiny ones for spices and such.  I have Mrs. Gallo's Italian jars that are from the year of the flood, the only part I have ever had to replace was the rubber gasket.  I also really like Weck jars/containers.
I how I love these jars
Sometimes they get a bit heavy but they rock at keeping things so fresh

I was reading the other day that you can rent a "mom", maybe I can rent someone to come in assess and come up with a plan.  Maybe that is what a designer is?   No, that was the person that helped with the overall plan of the kitchen, I knew I should have gotten a new layout.  I just need someone to help with flow.  There is one person in this entire world that has the flow that I need, but that may not be in my best interest, that one person is my sister, Kiki.  If I ask Kiki for help, she will come in, look at my stuff, tell me I am ridiculous, tell me I am a hoarder, and then tell me I need to throw it all away.   See problem solved......I can say "yeah but" til the cows come home and it is not going to help.

It is not all doom and gloom, there are parts of the kitchen that I am good with, they have flow.  For instance, we did not want setting the table to interfere with preparation area, the peninsula divides that space up, on the dining side we have filled the two large center lower cupboards with all the salad plates, dinner plates, and all the different bowls there also.  Everything you need to set the table with is on that side.  All of the utensils that we use to eat with are in the large drawer in the upper slide, also in that drawer in the lower slide are the cheese knives and everything that goes with the cheese.  This works out great.  Drinking glasses, mugs, cups and the like are in the second lower cupboard, that works well also.  I am good with these.  The small drawers above contain different kinds of tea and of course, the Nespresso pods.  The last 2 drawers contain my label maker, I love that thing, and batteries.  That takes care of the 5 1/2 drawers on the dining side.  The lowers on the dining side are almost done, the last cabinet needs it's pull--out installed.  But that like the three other ones will be done come spring.  It is too cold to cut, glue, and spray.  So they can wait til spring.  No worries.
6 cupboards and 5 1/2  drawers
Working with this plan, I wanted serving dishes, platters, and serving bowls to be on the kitchen side of the peninsula, again this is working out great so far.   The peninsula drawers contain all the serving utensils.  Along with the serving utensils are the schmear knives, can/bottle openers, peelers, apple corer, pizza wheel, pie cutter, and what all is there.

Then we have the "coffee bar", yup we are that uppity.  I really had an ulterior motive when I decided to move the coffee machines next to the fridge, it was because I did not want anybody coming to the prep area when we were in the middle of cooking to make themselves a cup of coffee.   I don't want the dance that is going on in the prep area to be messed with.  So, if someone wants a cup of coffee, all they have to do is go in the lower cupboard with the mugs, take one out, and make themselves a cup.  The cream is usually out and if it isn't the fridge is right next to it.  No interruptions, no extra feet to trip me up.  That being said, I am going to have to move the sugar.  Yeah, now I got another problem.
We now have 15 1/2 drawers as opposed to the 9 that we used to have.  We no longer have a bread drawer, there was bread in it all the time.  I miss that.  I think that I miss the rolling island the most.  It had those two 48" lower shelves that held all kinds of stuff including, but not limited to; pots, pans, strainers, dishtowels, and even a knife block.  The butcher block top was awesome and spacious.
This was the best $35.00 I have ever spent in my entire life
Now the prep area is about 18" narrower, and that is a lot.  It probably adds up to good deal of floor space, but now the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling.  It is like a trade off.  I have more space in one area and less in another.  Maybe that is what is throwing me off.  Maybe I have to approach this whole flow problem differently.   I think that maybe I need to sit in the kitchen on the floor and just look.  I can pray for divine intervention, maybe even a stranger walking by will knock on the door and they have a degree in "Flow".  What are the chances of that happening, slim to none.  I really need to get this going.

I have purged an awful amount of stuff, I have enlisted Andrew to help with flow, because he has just as much to do with the kitchen that I do.  He has his different spices, blends, salts, and rubs.  He also has a few types of oil and other what-nots.   His big pan isn't even in the drawer, we still haven't found his 3 other Lodge cast iron pans.  I know that there will never be enough room for the roasting pans in the kitchen and I am okay with that.  They have their home on the Metro Shelving downstairs.  There is absolutely no room for a Butler's Pantry in our house, so there goes that idea.  Andrew is the one who reaches all the stuff at the top, even he needs the ladder.  We have put the bread machine in the cubby above the fridge along with all kinds of extra zippy bags, straws, parchment, wax, and freezer papers.  I keep the additional aluminum foils downstairs.  When it comes to aluminum foil there ain't nobody cheaper than me, I use it til it dies, so out of sight.....

I have been working on the flow today for about 6 hours, not my favorite way to spend a Sunday, but I have purged a few things, moved things from here to there.  I have made many, many labels.  I have emptied out one of the precious drawers and I am hoping to bring up Andrew's cast iron.   While I did not have help from Andrew this afternoon, I was totally shocked when she came to help me and offer suggestions......
"Just don't move my snackies"
I have emptied some drawers, moved pots, moved pans.  I have labeled all kinds of stuff, Andrew helped putting all the bowls in order for me, how I use them, I am happy with this little bit done.

Andrew had to give up the ghost, he had to toss his suction cup cheese grater.  It was the best, I have never seen another one, of course I purchased it at HomeGoods/Marshalls/TJMaxx (my favorite places to shop).  I have been looking for another but to know avail.  It's all good, I will find another, no worries.  Andrew has been using the old standby box grater. 

This is what the bottom drawer looked like....

We put a things that we don't use all the time in the cupboard above the sink, it is kind of tricky to get up there, I have to stand on the counter top.  The three pie plates are up top, the quiche pan, and the extra glass pitcher. 

I have a problem with the 8 quart pot in the drawer, with the lid on the drawer is not deep enough, so the lid has to go on upside down.  I have to make sure that I don't pull the drawer open to fast.
I think I will call it quits for the day.  Just one more little look.....
The flow is starting......

Oh...I did find a home for the dishtowels.  I happy....

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