Saturday, November 7, 2015

November means Maryland...

November is the Mauviel sale. 

This is one of my favorites.  I love a sale, I mean I really love a good sale.  Throughout the year there are a few really good sales that we go to, I wait for these events with baited breath.  I make lists for what I want to look at and possibly purchase.   This sale is a multi-brand event.  The parent company also owns Emile Henry, Lekue, Duralex, Rosle, and Vita Juicer.  The prices are phenomenal and the people that work there are simply wonderful. 

The drive down to Delaware is not a long one, probably about 90 minutes down the Turnpike to the Bridge....

It is another 10 minute drive and you are there.  The sale starts at 4:00, we got there at about 2:15 and I am sad to say that we were not alone.

We were the first wave allowed in promptly at 4, not a minute sooner, again we met some amazing people on line.  I am also pleased to admit that no one let any of their friends cut the line in front of me because that is a pet peeve of mine, people jumping the line.   No no no no jumping the line. 

Did we get anything????  Yes....Andrew and I have wanted to try a carbon steel pan for a long while, and so we bought two, a 12" fry pan and 9.6" crepe pan.  I am so looking forward to "seasoning" the new pans

I had a Rosle torch in my hand, but I put it back and right now I am kicking myself for putting it back. 

We capped off the day with a little trip to the (very blurry) "New Castle Farmers' Market".

Another amazing adventure.   Next sale.....

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