Friday, November 20, 2015


We are ramping up for Thanksgiving in our house.  Most, if not all, the shopping has been done, everything on the list has been checked off.  If I forgot something I haven't thought of it yet.  Tomorrow I start to make the stock that will make the gravy.  I brought up the big pot because let's face it, it's all about the it is. 

Andrew cooked us a most wonderful dinner, pan seared NY Strip Steak.  They were perfection.  He put a coffee rub on them. 

When we were finished eating and cleaned up, Andrew cleaned his pan and then decided to put another layer of seasoning on it. 

It is a thing of beauty....

Then he decided that it was time to start his carbon steel pan.  He washed the wax off of inside before I could get a picture, but I was able to get him cleaning the backside and handle.  We purchased the two carbon steel pans when we went to Mauviel sale.  He seasoned my smaller pan last week and decided to wait on his.  There have been quite a few articles lately about carbon steel pans.  They are a favorite of professional chefs but have never made a big splash in the home, so we decided to give them a whirl.  They don't weigh as much as the cast and you can get a great crust on you food.  I enjoyed photographing his process.

 I really like the cardboard that wrapped the new pan.  It is true.  Simplicity. 

When we chose our stove that was a major mitigating factor.  We did not want all that crap that came on the other brands.  We wanted open burners and dependability.  The only electrics on the stove are the igniters, fan, and thermostat for oven. 

Tomorrow will come very early, I had better get a good nights sleep.

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