Monday, November 23, 2015

Prep time con't....

We decided again on making the two turkeys, Brioche Stuffed Boneless Turkey and the other one, we really don't know yet which way we are going to go yet.  Tomorrow I think the decision will be made.

So this morning I began with making the Brioche Bread, I think I may need two loaves.  So I have one in the machine making and the other is all measured out and is waiting on the counter top.  I have decided not to use the WellBuilt for the other loaf because I did not like the way it came out the last time.  I did that side by side test, the Zojirushi outperforms the WellBuillt, each time.  The Zoji has the upper baking element, the paddle arms are longer, and a few other details have won me over.  It is difficult finding different recipes however.  Next loaf I will agree to Andrew putting in the loaf pan into the machine, I did not press this first one down enough.
First loaf

Second loaf
Next thing on the list is to strain the broth that I made yesterday, put it into a smaller pot and boil it down to half.  I strained the broth into a 12 qt. stock pot and a 8 qt. Rubbermaid container and then put on the back porch so that the fat would rise to the top.  It was unbelievably fatty.

I skimmed off the fat once.  I have to go back outside later to skim it once more.

Andrew got busy with the secret side that we are going to make.  We are going to make Cardone.  I just can't wait.  It is a whole lot of effort for a vegetable but the end is well worth it all.  Andrew cleaned it all up and cut it into manageable pieces.  I made a saltwater bath to keep them in.  When he finished cutting them, I started to boil them for 18 minutes, drained them, and put them into two containers.  I will finish them on Thursday.  I can't wait to eat them.

Everything came together and we finished up just in time to start dinner.  I really did not have anything planned and figured we could just throw something together.  Andrew asked if I wanted Stuffed Artichokes....silly question....heck yeah.  So he got to playing with more thistles.  I got everything together while he cleaned them up and made them ready for stuffing.  We put them into the pot and steamed them for a bit.  Then it was time to enjoy.

I am going to leave the Brioche loaves out so they can get a little crusty.  They just look wonderfully delicious.

Tomorrow turkey pickup day.....woohoo

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