Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good Morning.....for me it is

I can say that I almost, almost did everything that I set out to do yesterday.  I went to see the Butcher to order some of the meat that I will need for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I saw the my order from last year, I guess they don't get that many special orders.  So it will be ready for me to pick up in a few days.  We decided on a new Butcher this year to get the rest of the meat.  Truth be told, I think that the sausage meat that we got last year did not have much taste.  So I called around to find a German Butcher, and lets hope that this one is on the mark.  I did find a Danish Butcher online and I thought about ordering the meat, but I could have flown round trip to pick it up myself, for what the shipping cost.

I made curry twice this week, Shrimp & Potatoes w/Masaman Curry and Chicken & Peas w/ Green Curry.  The Shrimp is my favorite, I love the way the potatoes taste, they almost melt in your mouth, and they get even better the next day.  As for the Green Curry, what was I thinking, the truth is, I wasn't thinking.  I had a small portion, and my mouth was on fire, I mean it.  I never made Green before, and I was eager to make it.  That too got better as a leftover.  I made lots of extra rice, so dinner was a breeze last night.

Today, I am going to get the stuff that I need to make the gravy.  It's all about the gravy.....Life doesn't get much better than good gravy.  I enjoy all kinds of gravy, gravy in all flavors in good.  Meat, potatoes, veggies in gravy is gravy.  Except for Stew and Pot Roast.  I hate Stew, I hate stew.  I have always hated Stew, yuck, yuck, yuck.....stew sucks and so does Pot Roast.....  I will make it but I will not eat it, I rather eat liver....yuck, yuck, yuck....

Now that is out of the way, gravy.  I will make gravy for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  On Christmas Eve, we will have the Fresh Ham, so we need gravy for that.  I will go to the Asian Market to buy pork bones, spine, and ribs.  I will cook them today and tomorrow skim the fat off.   I will use the broth for the base of the gravy.  On Christmas Eve, I will use the pan drippings to complete the gravy.  My stomach is growling just thinking about it. 

I was just reading an article/recipe about fresh ham.  They brined theirs, I usually don't.  I like to brine meat, I think that it adds so much.  The problem now would be that I am having the meat deboned, seasoned, and tied.  I have to think about this.  What to do, what to do....

I have two batches of white chocolate chip cookie dough waiting to be baked.  I did not want to make them just yet, cause they will all get eaten and then we won't have any for Christmas.

I'm gonna start now...

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