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Mitty Gallo

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Happy "Cyber" Monday.

Well first off, we had an absolutely fantastic "Thanksgiving Weekend".  My Mom had her three daughters in one house at the same time for two days.  She is feeling well, and looking good.  My Dad was just as thrilled.

We had two 13 pound fresh turkeys, they were so fresh that Andrew had to pick off a few feathers...  Tuesday night, we made the brine for the turkeys and put them in it, then put the bucket in the cube, packed it in ice, put it on the back porch and let them swim in the deliciousness of the brine.  Thank you Corrado's for the food grade 5 gallon plastic bucket.  I was to put  my turkey in the oven and Andrew was to smoke his.  We were going to see which turkey would taste better.  I ran into a small problem, I figured that I would cook the turkey in the porch oven, so that I had the two ovens in the kitchen for all the rest of the stuff.  We had gone to the Mauviel factory distribution center for their annual sale in Maryland, and we purchased a new roasting pan.  Well, needless to say, I did not make sure that the oven door closed with the pan in it, so the oven door was opened a bit.  You would have thought that I would have checked that after the "Great Lasagna Fiasco".   Neither of the turkeys were started  before 11:00 AM.   We were lounging like we had nothing to do....

I had told Andrew that I would make lasagna for Thanksgiving, and he held me to that.  So Wednesday night, we made lasagna.  Andrew was in charge of lasagna noodle cooking, while I made the the meat and cheese mixture.  It was a good thing that we made it cause, we had a bunch of starvin' marvins'.

Monifa bought some great cheese and nice crackers.

Jenn made a great corn casserole, that paid homage to the South.  It was fantastic.  Avery was showing off his sweet ninja weapon skills, while Oliver had a grand time playing swords with Poppy & Vincent.

Kathy & Mike joined us around 2:30 with the delicious sweet potato dish.  Their banter makes me laugh, let me tell you, the man can turn a phrase.

I made sage sausage stuffing that sucked, really....Good thing the lasagna was spot on....

I did not take many pictures, yeah that's right, what a shock, what a surprise.  I couldn't find the extra battery for my big camera and I misplaced my Olympus, I know I had both when we left for Boston.

We had a fine time, regaling stories of good times, Kiki & me pushing the VW bus and running to jump in it, cause Daddy would keep on driving....or him taking us on our individual adventures on the motorcycle.  We laughed about climbing Mt. Washington, and how it was treacherous cause you could fall of the mountain and we were not on the "New" road, but on the "Old" non-maintained road, you know cause that was more fun.   Driving in the Small Car and how we used to sit in it.   But you know it was all OK... cause we are still here and we have some awesome memories.

No worries though, we fed Kathy.

Kiki outdid herself by bringing everything that Mother Mousse made, and some great bread. 

Andrew was never alone while he was smoking the turkey in the yard, cause it became the other smoking section.  He did not have an easy task trying to keep the BBQ at 350 Degrees, as it was windy and pretty chilly.

I must say that the gravy came out pretty good.

Hands down, Andrew's turkey was far superior.  It was cooked to perfection.  The turkey had a great color and some really good smoke rings.  Yes, it is very important to have those.....

All in all, we have much to be thankful for...we really do..

Friday I had half of a Danish holiday, I slept til 8:00, took a four hour online course, took the exam, passed with a perfect score, and then was richly rewarded with an afternoon nap.....who has it better than me.

On Saturday we had Thanksgiving Part II,  Jenn, Wes & the boys came early in the afternoon.  Mom, Jenn and Gabriella went shopping to Pier 1.  Vincent, Avery and Oliver played swords on the front lawn, then they along with Poppy and Wes took a walk down to Dailey's to have a showdown with the ducks & geese.

Kiki went to work, and then she, Anthony, Carol and Mike came over, Kathy and Mike were here also, and we enjoyed the food again.......Life don't get much better than this.

Oh, yeah, we fed Kathy again.

Mike Z. was very impressed with the windows and asked where they came from.  We told them that they were from Window World, and he said that they were really good because he could not hear Kiki's voice through them.  Avery again showed off his ninja weapon twirling skills, while Oliver was playing with Buddy and Luna.  I think he really liked her, but Buddy plays with the ball.

We went to Wegman's on Sunday, Mom made stuffed artichokes, while I made macaroni & clam sauce and Andrew made the tilapia.

We ate all the left overs and there are no more desserts.  The only thing left is the turkey broth that I made from the turkey bones.  I think that the smoked turkey broth will make an excellent risotto.  I think that's what I am going to do....

I have spent enough time on this today, I got to go do something, maybe some laundry....
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  1. Mitty..... YOU and Andrew are the BEST! Thank you for feeding me (TWICE), even though I don't eat all that much, I loved what I did eat! Having said that, Mike eats everything and anything except vegatables (unless we call them various types of Parsley which you have mastered well) ;~}. HOWEVER, I do feel I should have been given credit for whipping the fresh cream by hand when you gave up! Oh well, maybe next time! I know you appreciated it! I love you unconditionally and always have your back!