Monday, December 9, 2013

...In the Snow

I'm think that sometimes (more oft than not) when I get into something I go full throttle.  Gabriella has mentioned this on more than once, probably about 50 times.  Doesn't matter what it is, well yeah it does, cleaning, I suck at cleaning, its not my forte'.  I mean I will do it, but I rather do something else.  Truth be told though, I like the kitchen to be clean, that I do, and I do it everyday.

For Thanksgiving, we had that most wonderful BBQ brined turkey.  As luck would have it, they are both gone, the only thing that I had left was some broth left.  So I took my happy ass over to the Shop Rite.  I really don't like the store because in my mind it is dirty, not that can tell you where, but even though they redid the store, it just seems dirty.  They had Purdue Oven Stuffers, so I bought 2.  We put them in brine on Saturday and then on Sunday cooked them on the Weber.  When they were washed and dried after removing them from brine,they were rubbed with seasonings.  They were a good size, so we needed the ring.  Needless to say, they were fab.  I served them with brown rice and roasted brussel sprouts.

While the chickens were cooking, I made soup with the broth from the turkeys.  It was a good idea because I really did not know it was going to be that cold and snowy, 

...We also had Jarlsburg and Ricotta Salada.

We had a great day, I was so sorry to see it end.  Monday was coming up on us fast.

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  1. Just a Brief comment........ YOU ARE RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US! Mike's latest comment was (and I quote) .... "17 years ago I used to come home to a pot of soup, a hot cooked meal and home baked goods... all made from scratch. Now it's either Take-Out, Delivery, Go Out or Mitty. What Happened???" My reply: "
    17 years ago you weren't so cheap, you wined and dined me and now I'm 60 years old and Disabled. Deal with it!' Needless to say, he just shook his head in that condescending way he is so famous for and asked if I could at least find my replacement (if I should pass on before him) and train her to be the woman he fell in love with). ONLY MIKE!