Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy, happy, happy New Year......

OK, so I'm a little slow, but I can say that I was very busy yesterday.  We are supposed to get some serious snow here today and tomorrow, along with really cold temperatures.  I'm not looking forward to either one.  Truth be told, I did not even know we were in for some bad weather, I have been in Lillehammer, Norway.  We have just marathoned "Lilyhammer" starring Steven Van Zandt.  It was fantastic.  Norway has some snow....and cold....and snow....and snow.....

When I found out about the inclement weather heading towards us, I said we have to go get milk and bologna.  That is what you need for snow.  So we went to Wegman's.  The store was picked clean.  There was not one shallot to be had, not even an onion.  We picked up some tuna fish, celery, scallions and some really good bread, bagels, and rolls.    When we came home, made a few quick open sandwiches, then made scallion cream cheese for the morning.  Life doesn't get much better than scallion cream cheese on a toasted bagel, well maybe butter....good butter.

I found squid ink arborio rice in the store, I'm going to find something to do with it, cause it just looks very interesting.

So now we are going to enjoy the weather that is coming from the cozy confines of the house.

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